VERVE Gallery of Photography
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VERVE Gallery of Photography is located at 219 East Marcy Street in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico, just two blocks northeast of the main plaza. It is housed in an early 20th-century freestanding cottage extensively renovated so as to showcase the foremost in contemporary fine art photography. The gallery spaces include a large main hall that houses the current exhibition and a smaller gallery room dedicated to showing complementary selected works by VERVE's artists.

Established in 2003, VERVE has a well-earned reputation of being the leading vendor of the very best there is in every genre of contemporary fine art photography. Its artists are worldwide and so are its patrons. All of VERVE’S artists are at work creating masterpieces in documentary, figure studies, still life, landscape, conceptual, experimental, photomontage, mixed media and alternative-process photography.

VERVE has developed an innovative and unique concept for exhibiting fine art photography. Patrons can peruse its entire 4,000-plus inventory of artists’ images on a large LCD monitor in the gallery. This technology benefits and serves patrons, artists and the gallery. Patrons are able to view entire portfolios and inspect the actual work comfortably and effortlessly, while artists are not required to consign an entire body of work to the gallery. A state-of-the-art computer system enables visitors to browse each artist's portfolio on the Internet as well. The portfolios are stored electronically in VERVE's database, thereby allowing the gallery to utilize its exhibition spaces to serve its patrons and guests more efficiently.

VERVE is a “green” gallery with a small carbon footprint. When the cottage was remodeled, energy conservation was foremost in the design and reconstruction. The lighting in the gallery is low-wattage LED (light-emitting diode) lighting. In addition, Verve has installed PV (photovoltaic) panels on its roof to convert the abundant solar radiation available in the desert Southwest to provide its electrical needs.

VERVE welcomes visitors to its gallery spaces and to its website.

VERVE's staff includes:

Wilson Scanlan Partner
John Scanlan Partner
Jennifer Schlesinger Director
Dana Boucher Manager
Caitlyn Soldan Preparator

VERVE Gallery of Photography is a Member of The Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD).

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